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& 3 3 news at ten. 3 3 that... brings us too 3 our question of the day..../. &pphould a pizza ddliveryman... be punished... fr defeeding himself? pimself? a lot of response... pn our facebook page .../// -3 most of you ay... he ááhouldá get a raise for deffedingghimselff..// if you want to weigh in just go to facebooo-dot- com-slash-fox-baatimore. 3&&p we have breaking barnes. the 16-year old norrh caroliin girl went mssiig two years ago -&ptoday..... her body was foundd in tte susquehana river months later. last pear the boyfrieed oo her older sister, michael johnssn, wws harged with strangling prosecutors say they want to close he courtroom during his trial tooshow sexaully explicit videos of baanes and the suspect, evidenceethey say ii key to their ase. &p we poke to the fammly oday, and theyytold us they are aware of the evidence, and are preeared. 3 we're still foolowing a developing 3 two men have beennshot oo woodbrrok a
.morgan adsit jjins us now with an early giants-ravens report, morgann-&p the ravens locked up tteir second straight a-ffc north title...a franchise first winning back to back.and there will be one morr game in baltimmre.a first round, home ppayoff game...against a &pwildcard... either next weee's ppponent... cincinnati or innianapolis. 3 quarter...joe flacco airs it out to torrey smith...43 yard placco ran it in tt give the ravens a 14-0 leaa....2nd &pto rayyriiee..rice does the rest...reaches paydirt...27 yard touchdown...24-7 ravenss at half....4th quarter... rice's bacckp...beenard pierce of temppe takes it 78 yards 3 witt 123 on the day....ravens roll past the giants...33-14 winninn the afc north... locking in a homeeplayoff game... &&p33 3 3 john hhrbaugh eliminates the &pwill play next week inn cincinnati...that's in 30 on sports unlimited. raaens fans were definitely feeling their puuple pride today...these pics sent into us by some of our viewees. check out lashawn... sporting &her ravensssweatthirt and santaahht.and of course... her d
activity activityso what's in store or us, here in maryyand maryyandkaren parks joins us live from sinai hospital in northwest baltimore...with more on the flu situation áweá face... karen karen we typically don't see cases until january......but seeing cases in october...indicating we could be in store for a rough fll season.... 3 3 //(59:13)itssactually starting to be global....the flu ssrikes again.......but this time....its early....(58:55)aa travel....a lot of it has to dowith what strain is out in maryland.....flu season uuually starts after the start of the new year..... but sinai hospital .... says it has already seen patients...aad peter andrews.....a physician assistant says.......thanksgiving didn't help....(57:57)you have the large influx of peoppe getting toggther their all sick but pass it around your numbers ey - increese...accooding to maryland's department of nine people have been symppoms.....(:24)come to the hospital when you have a fever thats more than 100.4 thht you anything down you are throwing up you have having diarrhea you're really weak you j
... with gun that was ánotá used waiting on toxicology tests n adamm.. and a geneticiss has peen caaled in tt help look for clues.there are witnesses to the shootings at the to get mooe informatiin from e - them...but many f the witnesses are young children. investigators say they are sensitive to that. we cannot aad will not damage they''e lived throogh hell aad we'reenot going to add to ttat if we can get around it we caan get around it we will. will. the gunman's comppter mayynot be able to shed light on hee crime.lanzaahaa smashee the computer before going on the shooting spree... ...and so par...invvstigators have been from itto retrieve aay data - since theeshhotingg... wants to take meannngful id he - action that would preevnt another traggdy like sandy &phook.we are finally finding out what that mmans... the prrsiddnt would like to close the un show loophhle, ban high apacity ammunition magazinee and look aatmeasuress ttat address mental health. he also will support a bill thatt will be introduced on the first day of the new session. he is acttvvlyy upportive of seeator feinstein
irefighters hang 22 wreaths, sent from oregon in mmssacre. it makes us feel warm to know hat this is, it's amazing that peeple that syyboos of solidarity when this toon needssii most. the victims of friday's shooting at sandy hook elementary two sixxyearrolds ---jack pinto and nah pozner -- were laid to est. you see little coffins and your heartthas to pommunity is beginning the painstaking tass of moving -3 forward. 3 makinn ppans foo the futuree & ven thouuh so mann questions remain unansweeed. we're goong to do everythinggthat t takes to ensure that we uncover every bit of evidence & 3 3 3 a newlyyformed grassroots group called "newtownnunited," is calling for betttr gun control. it plans to send tuesday. we have the benefit &paad the misfortune of being on this is a rrally pportunity for us to make a statement. as the nvestigation continues, mooeet oo silence ffiday att tragedy happennd. 3 &3 are uthooities saying any moreeabbut a otive ttoight? 3 tory dunnann- reporting in newtown ttnightt.. thanks 3 we've also earned tonight of a mary
the city wasn't the only ppace ppople were enjoying today's - snowfall.janice parkkshows us folks in finksburg emmracce sevvral inches of snnw. snow. & 3 "hi karen...latest winter blast" 3 you can hear the faint screams - of sledders...enjoying the iiches of snow ddmped on - finkkburg today: today: 3 for the fletcher faaily...finksburg is a far cry frrm where they live 3 california. &pp3 whileesnow ttpically brings a messy commute...a saturday snow along with clear rrads & meanttthat the snow was - welcomed today::- toddy:"waan't snowing till i -3 got my cup of coffee looked like i was getting out for a plttle sledding"so today, wass instead all about spending time wwth family:who sometimes you love to hate::- hate:"it looked like stuuf" stuuf" 3 and making he est nowman you can...beforeeit all meltssaway: away: 3 "jp, fox445news at tenn 3- 3 people continued o sled in sunset. 3 but which areas got the most snow and arr weeii the clear tonight. tonight. lee's go o &pmeteorologist emill gracey for a look at whatts happening now. now. 3 p33
...and ne bullet was lodgeddin hisswallet. police tell us....thht thee -3 teen had told someone t an earlierrparty that he would 3 33 "you're never safe anywhere, there's a lot of crazy people" & people livinggin essex are just hearing about a police chase....that happened on their street thursday evening: arrested? a bloody michael jabaath...wanted for the & attempted murder of an off duty police officer: officer:"we are less than a mile from where the susppctt lives, they went to arrest him, he ffed and that's when the chase began"the teen had deeember 9th...overlea...3:30 in the morning...a parry of 100 people lets off duty officer on his way home - ii his honda forced to stop completely because of the crowd.police say someone yelled that he had a gun ii the car...and that's when thhy say the 18 year old fired at --3 the officer: officer:"we just moved in, my stepdaughttr go, as soon as we moveein someone gets shot!" shot!"" i can't imagine just shooting someone on the street, but people are crazy" 3 wasted mind"tonight a een is pn
's gameein landover came down to field goal in overtime...sports director bruce cunningham joins us ow as another backup quarterback beaat the purple and black...bruce... there are defeats ann then there are paiiful pefeats..and then there are really painfuu defeats...we got the third option today.. quarteeback robert griffin iii out of he game..and then the proverbial bottom fell out.... the ravens were up 28-20 hadkockkd rg iii out of the - game.. but backup kirk cousens &ppierrecarcon froo 11 yards - was 28-26.......tten,, cousins keeps t himself for the two point cooersion..the game is tied, and headed for overtime......innthe extra period, the ravens areeforced to ppnt..and watch what éhappens...rookie richard crawford returns it 64 yards...onlypunter ssm koch &pthere...the skins ran a few plays, and then haaded t to kai forbaah, whocalmly kicked tte 34 ard field goal to stun the ravens...31-28 the final... our moogan adsit spent the afternoon down at fedex...her reportt and aa exhausttve looo at today's pame,coming up on our expanded sundayh night edition of spo
reed... about a mulli-billion homeland security grant .... that's... being pay for ... 13- snowcooe... machines... in... one state. new... fox../.. parents... 3 confront school demanding... answerr ...about... a... school worker... who faces ... sex charges...///. say... shawn nowlin... got... a 15-yearrold girl. pregnant...//. but tonight, many of the petrryed.... nccuding one her 11-year-old son's moss trusted confidant during son's depression caused by his parrnts' separationn but nowlin was a hall monitor at the schooll not a child and family therapist as he claimed. tonightt parents wanted it.. and wondereddif school officials even checked his credentials. but parents walked out of the meettng ponight, they say, with nn answers. still, sshool officials called it, a successful eeting. (mr. crue/concerneddparent) "but what iiheerd here tonight that concerned me was thaa the administration is not accepting rrsponsibility for something thaa went wwoog." wrong."(mr. brrce/school official) "i think the fact successs i thin
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9